Higher Health: The Prophetic Medicines

“The strong believer is better than the weak believer although there is good in both” – Find out how to take the strongest means at your disposal in today’s world for Higher Health: this worldly and next-wordly well-being.

Higher Health

NOTE: This course started in Term 3 and is currently ongoing. It will end on Oct 4th.


  • Higher Health: sublimating your physical health into spiritual and next-worldly well-being
  • Find out how to apply the Prophetic practice and injunction of “being keen for that which benefits you” for your health and well-being in today’s world
  • Harness the wealth of scientific research and traditional knowledge available to you in today’s world into the practice of your religion
  • Benefit from the distilled knowledge of Sheikh Nuh Keller’s personal practice and efforts at living the Prophetic injunction over the last three decades

About the Course

It is often said that Islam is a comprehensive way of life. “Higher Health: The Prophetic Medicines” shows the application of this in our day and age, through the hadiths and practice of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). The course shall focus on all the means we can take in today’s world to implement the practical measures the Prophet taught us to lead the “good-life”: attain strength and health, avoid debility and illness, and maximize our happiness in this world and the next.

The list of topics covered span the entire spectrum of “outer” health topics from diet, exercise, recovery, traditional and allopathic medicine, social relations; couched in the larger context of “inner health”: having a point in life, you and Your Maker, and spiritual and next-worldly well-being.

Course Syllabus

  • Week 1: One’s Maker and One’s Self
  • Week 2: Discussion – Q&A
  • Week 3: Action and Rest
  • Week 4: Discussion – Q&A
  • Week 5: Lecture – Hunger and Food
  • Week 6: Discussion – Q&A
  • Week 7: Prevention and Cures
  • Week 8: Discussion – Q&A
  • Week 9: Company and Crowds—Belonging and Stress
  • Week 10: Discussion – Q&A

Course Format

From the inundation of questions we received the first time this course was taught, the course shall now be uniquely geared towards answering your questions –  Sheikh Nuh shall teach the material one week in lecture. The following week shall be exclusively devoted to answering your questions in a discussion session also led by Sheikh Nuh.

Students can submit questions either during the Live Session itself through the chat box, which shall be collated and kept for the following Q&A session; or students can submit their questions over the course of the week via the Discussions forum, up to 48 hours before the Q&A session.

The course has no homework assignments or exams – it is purely geared towards practical advice for you to implement in your life.

Suggested Readings

There is no textbook for this course – it shall be based exclusively around the information presented by Sheikh Nuh during the Live Sessions. All live sessions are recorded and made available for the duration of the semester.


Why is this unlike any other religious course you shall take?

The sheer breadth and depth of material covered in “Higher Health: The Prophetic Medicines” is based on the life-long effort, extensive research, and personal practice of one man, dedicating his entire being: mind, body and soul to his Maker. This is the distilled effort of Sheikh Nuh Keller’s personal practice for his own health, and the health-related tarbiya he has provided his students over the past two decades – strengthening them for the worship of their Lord.

From cutting-edge medical research, to traditional physical cultures like Kundalini yoga and Chi-Kung – learn how you can take the strongest means to implement the Prophetic injunctions in your life while focusing on the eventual goal: your Maker and your eternal well-being.

No other course ties it all together like this. Period.

How can I best benefit from the course?

The focus of the course is entirely practical. It shall leave you with a wealth of information, book recommendations and resources to follow up on, and advice on dietary changes and physical fitness regimes to implement in your own life.

Start implementing things and making changes one step at a time. You shall be left with a treasure-trove of practical information that you shall revisit again, and again, and again going forward. If implemented consistently, it will be a mine that yields not only now but far down the line as well: it shall benefit you, your family and strengthen the gene-pool of your progeny.

You’re telling me that I can use yoga to draw closer to Allah?

Not just yoga. But that dish of roast chicken you eat after as well. Find out how.


Individual medical treatment or consultation will not be given. The goals of the course are aligned with the overall goals of Qibla: Learn, change yourself by putting knowledge into practice, and inspire others. Learn. Change. Inspire.

About the Instructor

Nuh Keller


Course Code



Level: 1

Starting From

2 August, 2015


10 weeks

Tuition Fee

225 USD   Instant Financial Aid