Islamic Wellness

Join Dr. Saquib Lakhani as he guides you through a practical lifestyle framework you can begin to use today to implement the lessons from Higher Health: The Prophetic Medicines. A blend of Islamic sources and traditional wisdom, with a thorough grounding in modern science.

Islamic Wellness


  • Learn how to practically apply the four pillars of overall health and well-being
  • Know the essential health science behind what to eat and what to avoid
  • Take control of your health and well-being by becoming an educated, informed individual
  • Ground yourself in the perspective of the Quran and Sunna regarding health
  • Take away a practicable framework with which to apply the health advice presented in Higher Health: The Prophetic Medicines

About the Course

This course shall explore the four pillars of overall health and well-being:

  • Stress-Management
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

Dr. Saquib Lakhani shall introduce his students to the essential science behind the four pillars that each of us needs to be intimately familiar with. The science shall be exposited in light of the Islamic perspective: the personal practice of our Prophet, Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, and the Quranic injunctions concerning each pillar. Most importantly, the focus of this course shall be on imparting practicable advice by providing students a framework to work with – helping us begin the process of setting practical goals for ourselves in each of the four pillars in an educated, responsible manner.

The course complements Sheikh Nuh Keller’s Higher Health: The Prophetic Medicines course by providing an easily digestible, practical framework that shall help layman and expert alike harness the sheer breadth of information covered in Higher Health.

The broader course discussion shall focus on setting the correct context for each of these pillars– what is our mission in life, and how do we cultivate the key Islamic values such as tawakkul in taking the practical means to better, healthier living?

Course Syllabus

  • Lesson 1: Introduction and Foundations
  • Lesson 2: Stress Management
  • Lesson 3: Nutrition
  • Lesson 4: Sleep and Exercise
  • Lesson 5: Getting Started – Where do I go from here?

Course Format

All the material in the course shall be presented in the Live Sessions, using detailed slides.

The course does not have any formal assignments or assessments – the focus is on imparting practical advice and providing students with a framework they can begin to use and implement in their own lives.

Weekly Time Commitment

The course requires an estimated one-hour per week to review the material and prepare questions.

Suggested Readings

There is no required course text for the course – it shall be based exclusively around the information presented by Dr. Saquib in the Live Sessions and course slides. Dr. Saquib shall provide a list of suggested further readings for each topic covered in class. 

Recommended Background

This course has no required pre-requisites – all are welcome!

Higher Health: The Prophetic Medicines by Sheikh Nuh Keller is not a required pre-requisite, however is a strongly recommended introductory or follow-up course. Students of Higher Health shall find the benefit of having the depth of a much broader context to understand the practical framework presented by Dr. Saquib in this course.


Why should you study Islamic Wellness with Dr. Saquib Lakhani?

With his professional medical experience and training; teaching background; his long-standing personal interest in nutrition and wellness; and his active practice of Islamic spirituality in his own life, Dr. Saquib is uniquely placed to teach such a practical course on Health and Islamic Wellness.

You can read about his academic and professional background in his biography, which serves as a testament to the sincerity with which he has acquired and deployed his professional expertise. As further credence, Dr. Saquib has been a long-standing student of Sheikh Nuh Keller, from whom he has learnt his personal practice of Islamic spirituality – dedicating one’s entirety: including one’s health and well-being to one’s Maker.

How is this course different from Higher Health: The Prophetic Medicines?

The sheer breadth and depth of material covered in Higher Health is a treasure-trove based on the life-long effort, extensive research and personal experimentation of Sheikh Nuh Keller. The wealth of information and recommendations presented in Higher Health can be intimidating. “Where do I begin? There seems to be so much I should be doing!”

Dr. Saquib’s course, though based on his own work and research, is unsurprisingly aligned with the recommendations of Higher Health. To the benefit of all who take an interest in actively tackling the process of personal nutritional and lifestyle-change, this course propitiously represents a bite-sized chunk out of the Higher Health recommendations that we can all start implementing today.

How shall this course benefit me? How is this relevant to my deen?

Today, life is fast paced and time passes quickly. Most don’t get enough sleep or exercise and are barraged with the latest fad diets and contradictory health advice. How do you know what to do? What is the importance of food as your body’s building blocks and what is best for you? How is this relevant to your Islamic lifestyle?

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “No human being ever filled a vessel worse than a stomach. It is sufficient for a human being to have a few bites to keep his backbone upright. If one must, a third for one’s food, a third for one’s drink and third for one’s breath” (Al-Tirmidhi). At the same time he also said: “The strong believer is better than the weak believer although there is good in both” (Muslim). How do we balance between these two narrations? What do they really mean and how can you amalgamate all the elements of good health to grow a sound body, while fulfilling your responsibilities around the clock?

Both the Quran and the Sunna convey the idea of balance in all facets of our lives. Food, drink, sleep and hunger all play important roles. Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “fast, and don’t fast, rise to pray but sleep, for verily your body has a right over you and verily your eye has a right over you [to receive sufficient rest]” (Sahih al Bukhari). How do you establish this crucial balance in your life?

Find out how to nurture your body and lead a healthy life in keeping with the spirit of our religion while exercising, sleeping well and eating right with Dr. Saquib Lakhani.

About the Instructor

Saquib Lakhani


Course Code



Level: 1

Starting From

9 November, 2014


5 weeks

Tuition Fee

125 USD   Instant Financial Aid