Detailed Fiqh of Menstruation & Lochia (Shafi’i)

In this follow-up to the basics of menstruation, lochia, and abnormal discharge according to the Shafi’i school, learn how to solve complex cases, deepen your understanding of the rulings, and recognize when a faqeeh should be consulted.

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  • Attain an in-depth understanding of this crucial but often misunderstood topic
  • Complete your ability to solve cases of menstruation, lochia, and abnormal bleeding, or recognize when a faqih should be consulted
  • Course material is obligatory knowledge for Muslim women, as well as for husbands, fathers, and guardians
  • Knowledge of this topic is critical as it affects other acts of worship


The Prophet, may Allah bless him and give him peace, said regarding menstruation, “This is something that Allah Most High has written for the daughters of Adam” (Bukhari). In His infinite wisdom, Allah Most High has decreed menstruation for women and then legislated special rulings for her to follow during that time. It is obligatory for women to learn these rulings and learn how to differentiate between menstrual bleeding and abnormal bleeding. Knowing the difference often distinguishes between doing something obligatory and doing something unlawful.

This special course will follow-up on the introduction to the legal rulings of menstruation and lochia given in Introduction to Menstruation (Shafi’i). The goal of this course is to enable you to solve complex menstruation, lochia, and abnormal uterine bleeding cases. You will understand the rulings of the shari`ah in these situations and will be motivated to implement them. You will apply rulings to advanced cases, enabling you to either solve them or know when a faqeeh is needed. By successfully completing this course, you will have been rigorously trained in these rulings according to the Shafi’i school.

Questions addressed in this course will include the importance of recording one’s habit, what one should do if one’s habit is forgotten, what happens when the menses are of a different length or different appearance then usual, and much more.

The course will be based on Shafi’i treatises on menstruation and the classic sources of fatwa in the school. This knowledge is obligatory for women to learn for themselves, for parents to learn to teach and raise their daughters, and for married couples to learn to observe the limits that Allah Most High has set for them.


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Lesson 1: The Conditions of Menstruation and Lochia

Lesson 2: Advanced Cases in Normal Menstruation and Lochia

Lesson 3: Advanced Cases in Abnormal Menstruation and Lochia

Lesson 4: Women who have forgotten their habit (1)

Lesson 5: Women who have forgotten their habit (2)

Lesson 6: Summary



About the Instructor

Shazia Ahmad



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Level: 2

Starting From

1 September, 2012


6 weeks

Tuition Fee

125 USD   Instant Financial Aid