Living the Quran

Living the Quran

Living the Quran

Experience the final word to man from the Divine. Umm Sahl will guide you through the Quran, pointing out meanings through the vocabulary, syntax, grammar, and balagha, that are not directly discerned from the outward purport of the wording. Don’t miss this special Qibla live event today Saturday, September 7 at 2:30pm GMT.


Registration for the Fall Semester Is Now Open

Registration for the 2013 Fall Semester is now OPEN! Live sessions start later this month, September 21 with a special orientation on September 14 and 15. Join your favorite Qibla teachers and fellow students throughout the globe. Over 80 classes at times convenient for you. We teach Arabic, Belief, Hadith, History, Islamic Finance, Law, Methodology, Quran, Spirituality, and Tajweed.

Umm Sahl is teaching Experiencing the Quran. Register Today!

More Quran Courses with Ustadh Hatim Yousef:

Tafsir of Short Surahs: Al-Duha to Al-’Adiyat
Tafsir of Short Surahs: Al-Qari’a to An-Nas

Study Hadith with Sheikh Nuh Keller

Registration for his class, The Gardens of the Righteous is now open. Learn from the best that ever was. Learn from his direct words. Learn from the advice he ( peace be upon him) gave his companions (may Allah be please with them). Learn how he solved problems. Learn how he stood up to transgressors. Learn how to put his words in your life’s practice.


How Do I Register for a Live Event?

At the time of the event, go to the event page and login. Qibla accounts and Live Events are always free! Prior registration for Live Events is no longer necessary – just login to the Qibla website at the time of the event.


How Do I Register for a Course?

Please go directly to to register today.