Allah Wishes You Well

Allah Wishes You Well

Allah Wishes You Well

Our Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘Whoever Allah wishes well, He gives knowledge of religion’ (Bukhari and Muslim). What does this mean? Are you included? How do you be one of those who Allah Most High wishes well?

Join Ustadh Hatim Yousef and Ustadh Farid Dingle this Saturday August 24 for this Qibla Live Event. This is the inaugural live event for fall semester registration.

Registration for the Fall Semester Is Now Open

Registration for the 2013 Fall Semester is now OPEN! Live sessions start September 21 with a special orientation on September 14. Join your favorite Qibla teachers and fellow students throughout the globe. Over 80 classes at times convenient for you. We teach Arabic, Belief, Hadith, History, Islamic Finance, Law, Methodology, Quran, Spirituality, and Tajweed.

Ustadh Hatim’s Fall Semester Courses

Understanding Islam
The Eloquence of the Quran
Tafsir of the Short Surahs – Duha to Adiyat
Tafsir of the Short Surahs – Qaria to Nas
Entire Quran Ijazah Program
Let Them Rejoice
The Life of the Greatest Prophet – Mecca II

Ustadh Farid’s Fall Semester Courses

Introduction to Islamic Belief
Exploring the Tahawiyya
Al-Izzi Explained
Tuhfa al-Ikhwan Explained
The Waraqat Explained
The Historical Development of Islamic Law
The Sources of Islamic Law
Unseen Realities
Exploring the Arabic of Classical Texts
Reading Texts of Different Types
The Reliance Explained – Part II


How Do I Register for a Live Event?

At the time of the event, go to the event page and login. Qibla accounts and Live Events are always free! Prior registration for Live Events is no longer necessary – just login to the Qibla website at the time of the event.

How Do I Register for a Course?

Please go directly to to register today.